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How is everybody doing? I haven't posted in over a week, I think, and that feels like so long when for a while I was posting like, every other day.

I'm doing fine : ) Due to a schedule mixup, I have four days off in a row! \o/ I'm gonna be SWIMMING ALL THE TIME.

I've now managed to lose 13 pounds, through a combination of tracking my food on MyFitnessPal and exercising more. If you're on MFP and want to be friends, just friend me and I'll friend you back : )  My username there is imlikat. Or you could leave me your username here, and I'll go find you!

I've signed up for two stories for the wipbigbang. (I've already got work done on the first story, and I just now signed up for the second one and am waiting for conformation/draft) They're in fandoms I've never drawn for, so it's both scary and exciting. I just need to branch out a little bit, I think that there actually is such a thing as drawing too much SPN porn, lol. That, combined with my depression, pretty much killed my drive to draw. But it feels so good to be drawing again!

The wipbigbang still has something like 15 stories in various fandoms that need artists. They're on Round 5 (5!!!) of claiming, so if they don't get claimed now, they might not get art : ( You can go to this post here to check out summaries for stories that have yet to be claimed. Go! See if there's anything you might want to art for : )

My medication finally seems to be working like it's supposed to : D I've felt... actually kind of normal for the last few weeks. Not too depressed, not too manic, just somewhere in between. So, normal, lol. It's a nice feeling, and it's one I'm cherishing while it's here, because I know my diseases, and I know tomorrow could see me balls to the wall manic or deathly depressed with no warning. lol, balls to the wall, what kind of saying is that?

SO, how are you, f-list?


May. 17th, 2017 12:28 pm
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actually drawing something right now


Feels good, man
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i'm having a tough time of it but i'll make a personal post later

For now though, some awesome people are putting together an awesome Bang!

It's a low key, DELICIOUSLY HORRIFIC fest, with small wordcount requirements (3k or more!) and it is in the genre most dear to my heart. Im sorely tempted to participate either as a writer or an artist OR BOTH, but I'll decide soon. Author signups start tomorrow and go on for about 10 days, so seriously consider entering this! I know I will be eating up the stories and art when they come around :)
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You guys you guys I got more art for [ profile] quicky_bang! The lovely [ profile] milly_gal stepped up this time and claimed my fic Simulacrum :)

You can find the art here (NSFW!)

Go and check it out and give her some love :) Thanks so much, milly! I'll be going in later to add links to the art I've received for the [ profile] quicky_bang in my fic posts. How exciting!

p.s. [ profile] quicky_bang still needs artists. It's a low-pressure, one-month turnaround event, with some great fics up for arting. Go and give it a look, if you haven't already!
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You guys you guys [ profile] quicky_bang is so great! I threw a couple of fics into the ring, and I was lucky enough that [ profile] stargazingchola claimed two of them and did art for them!

In the Earth art is HERE

In This Depression art is HERE

Go check the art out and give [ profile] stargazingchola some love! <3

You guys should go and join quicky-bang, they especially need artists, but more writers wouldn't go amiss, either :)
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A recent multi fandom project showed there are a lot of authors wishing for art to go with their stories and a lot of artists with a desire to create. Both were not sure how to approach each other. I hope to bring y'all together in this new Supernatural art-community: [ profile] quicky_bang!
The main challenge is for authors to offer short stories to artists to illustrate, but there is also a corner for art-prompts and a meet up post for collaborations. Sign up, join in, spread the news!

[ profile] quicky_bang
Round 1: submit short stories until April 30th; create art before May 31st

I'm trying to decide if i want to throw my artist's hat into the ring - I'll give it a few days to see if maybe I can actually complete what I sign up for.
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If you saw my last post, you probably saw this one coming, lol.

I've cowritten a fic for the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang with [ profile] thursdaysisters, and the draft is finished.

We'd like someone who can look over it for plot continuity/errors, clarity, some SPAG, pacing, and general soundness of story.

If you're available, please let me know through PM or email (badbastion(at)gmail(dot)com) :) We'll be looking for more than one beta, because it's long and plotty and we'd like a couple of sets of eyes on it, plus we don't want the responsibility to rest solely one one person.

Thanks! :)

ETA: You guys are awesome. Thank you.


Feb. 11th, 2015 11:54 am
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I'm cowriting with [ profile] thursdaysisters, and we just put the "The End" on it about fifteen minutes ago. I'm so excited and I feel so successful, because I've never taken on a writing project this big and plotty before and actually gotten to the end of it.

It still needs some serious editing, of course. But right this minute I don't know what to do with myself, and I have lots of feels that I can't identify, lol.


Now I'm gonna eat some lunch or take a nap or livestream or watch last night's SPN ep or... idk.


(btw, thanks for all the awesome J2 recs in my last journal! My flist is awesome <3)
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I've signed up for the spn_j2_bigbang.

As an author.


Edit: Also signed up for this:

Cakebang, the SPN + SPN RPF podfic big bang, is back for ROUND TWO!
About | Podficcer Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups

Very few people have signed up so far, so if you're interested, take a peek! There have been no artist sign-ups, and the minimum artists have to do is a podfic cover.

So yeah, I said I wasn't going to sign up for any art challenges this year. Guess my brain decided other challenges were a-okay!
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Under the cut is a poll on a few parts on fandom etiquette, regarding fandom fest art and comments. Also a poll because I'm wondering why the comment section has not been as robust as it used to be.

look at my pole lol )

Thanks for taking the time to answer!
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I love fandom fests. Kink memes, comment memes, bangs, exchanges. Right now I'm signed up for two, and I'm so conflicted on whether to do more! I've got commissions to work on, which take priority and which I can usually keep going strong on while doing other stuff, and I did decide to do art for the samdean-otp minibang (got a great, sweet author!) and I'm trying to figure out if I want to do a second piece for spn-reversebang (already have one piece turned in) and now I'm trying so hard to decide if i want to sign up for Cake Swap! *bites nails*


I love podficcing, and I love getting gifts in return, but it seems like it would be so hard to find fics to podfic that would suit people's likes and dislikes. I also can't think of any fics off the top of my head that I'd like to have podficced for me, other than my own because I love it when people record my fics. But I don't know if it would be proper etiquette to ask for that, lol.


(I am excited about the ones I'm participating in though :D) What are you guys signed up for/working on right now? And has anyone ever done Cake Swap, and if so, how was the experience?
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Hi! There was a bit of a delay on the posting of the story for my first RBB, but it's been up for a little while now! If you haven't seen it, go and give it a read - it's bloody and sexy and dark and everything I could have wished for and MORE.

The Axe That Clears the Forest by [ profile] riyku
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Title: The Door is Open
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Author: [ profile] riwanondruida
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean/Cas
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG-13ish for art. R for fic
Warnings/Content: little bit of butt. See fic for fic warnings.
Link to story: The Door is Open

Art Masterpost )
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Title: The Axe That Clears the Forest
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Author: [ profile] riyku
Pairing: Dark! Sam/Dean
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG for art, NC-17 for fic
Warnings/Content: see fic header for warnings
Link to story: The Axe That Clears the Forest (if it's not unlocked yet, it will be shortly)

Art Masterpost )
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Title: Broken Road Home
Author: [ profile] deansdirtybb
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Words: 30,874
Warnings: Wincest, Underage (Sam is 16 at the beginning of the story), verbal abuse (John to Dean), mild violence, explicit sex, fingering, rimming, oral, anal, semipublic sex, barebacking, boatloads of angst, brief sexual situation with Sam/OMC.
Disclaimer: I’m just borrowing these characters (if only these pretty, pretty boys were actually mine). I make no money here; my only profit is the joy and ruined panties of my readers.
Spoilers: none
Summary: Set pre-series. Sam and Dean fight their attraction to each other, until they are no longer able to resist their feelings. But when John catches them in the act and separates the boys, will they find their way back together?

Art Masterpost || Fic Masterpost
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My flist is asquee with reversebang excitement, and rightfully so! Jesus, that was nuts. I refreshed the page at noon, no claims post. Refreshed it almost immediately after that, and the post was up with 60 comments.

I had two prompts, and they've both been claimed \o/ One was by an author I've immensely enjoyed working with before, and one is by someone (who is very friendly in emails) with an empty journal--so that's exciting, too. Mysterious! I've been in touch with both of them, and now I can relax and look forward to getting some rough draft action :3

Also, I miiiight livestream tonight--I might be working on some Sam/Kevin explicit stuff. I'll say so in my tracking journal post and when I post the notification on tumblr if it is, because I know that pairing is not everybody's cuppa.

Now, like a kid who had too much fun at the carnival, I need a nap. Maybe I'll see some of you later :)
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Where have you been, badbastion? a person might inquire.

Well, that's an interesting question, badbastion might answer.

I've been packing up for a move, bleh. I've also recently gotten health insurance and have been going to a lot of appointments, and each time there's something new that they want to "keep an eye on" or put me on meds for. I've been exercising a lot (got a gym membership through insurance, and up to walking 5 miles a day, which is a big accomplishment for someone who'd prefer to sit and draw for most of the day, so I'm proud of myself there *pats self on back*) and learning how to eat better to try to take control of some problems. Diabetes? High BP? An irregularity, you say? So that's been pretty exhausting. I'm okay. Got another appointment today though, and I'm not looking forward to the little scrape part, iykwim.

I've also been arting! I've finished my art for Wincest Big Bang and spn_reversebang, yay! And I've done a little more, though I don't like posting art when I know I won't be able to answer comments. I might post it anyway and just leave an A/N about it, idk.


A/N: I may not be around to answer comments on this post, lol.


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