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You guys you guys [ profile] quicky_bang is so great! I threw a couple of fics into the ring, and I was lucky enough that [ profile] stargazingchola claimed two of them and did art for them!

In the Earth art is HERE

In This Depression art is HERE

Go check the art out and give [ profile] stargazingchola some love! <3

You guys should go and join quicky-bang, they especially need artists, but more writers wouldn't go amiss, either :)
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Title: Undone Part 2 - Sunburn
Author: [ profile] badbastion([ profile] bluesock5)
Reader: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sam has a sunburn, and he asks for help when Dean's guard is down. It's like Sam knows when to strike.
Warnings: weecest (underage - Sam is 14), alcohol, angst, nipple-play, consensual underage sex act, masturbation
Format: mp3
Length: 15:01
Link to text: On LJ / On AO3

Stream or download podfic here on Box
Or at Mediafire

Any kind of feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks for listening :)
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Title: the boy with the lovely soul
Author: [ profile] badbastion
Reader: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: Sam/Castiel
Rating: PG
Summary: Castiel sank with relief into Sam's silences
Format: mp3
Length: 3:15
Link to text: On LJ

Stream or download podfic here on Box
Or at Mediafire
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Title: In the Earth
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: none. Dean-centric gen
Spoilers: none
Wordcount: ~1800
Rating: PG-13 for horror
Warnings/Content: horror, mental images that make me uncomfortable, lol
Misc: I only found out about this meme last night, oh woe! This fic was written last night and given a lazy edit this morning.
Summary: Written for a prompt at the Something Wicked 2013 Horror Fanwork Meme for this prompt:

There's something under the ground, Dean can feel it. It had almost reached him when he pulled himself from his grave and now it's following him everywhere, just waiting for its chance to pull him back under the cold, dark earth and bury him forever.

Dry, crumbling dirt coats his tongue )

Happy Halloween to all of you!
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Title: In This Depression
Author: [ profile] badbastion
Characters: Sam & Dean
Spoilers: S8
Rating: PG
Warnings/Content: depression, angst, reference to canon character death
Misc: ~1300 words. Kind of a coda to 8.19. Posting for Eight Days of Wincest Challenge. This fic is Sam&Dean gen.
Summary: I started writing this after “Goodbye Stranger,” and just finished it. Season 8 was Season 8, with all its flaws and grace notes, but I always wished they’d explore Dean’s depression, and they never really dealt with it. So I did, for just a little while.

And I've always been strong, but I've never felt so weak
And all my prayers have gone for nothing
I've been without love, but never forsaken
Now the morning sun, the morning sun is breaking

--Bruce Springsteen, This Depression

I've had my faith shaken )
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I am super super lucky, because [ profile] fantamae recorded my very first SPN fic And you would be a fool, a fic I wrote with such gleeeee, and have such loving memories of. And she did such an amazing job of it! :o I love it so much :D She makes it so FUN, I just keep listening to it. I'm so excited about this :D

Please go and have a look at her post here
podfic podfic podfic
and give it a listen if you're into that sort of thing. Sam/Dean, cuddle-curse! lol She does wonderful voices for the boys, and just, it's fantastic. I am out of words to use on it, haha. Go listen, and tell her what an incredible job she did! <3


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