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Yoinked from lots of people on my flist.

Post if it’s okay for your followers to leave you a comment telling you the one thing they remember you for as a writer. an ARTIST AND/OR WRITER. Either or both! : )
Is it a scene or a detail or a specific line?
Is it something like style or characterization?
Is it that one weird kink they never thought they’d be into, but oh my god wow self-discovery time?
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Swiped from  emmatheslayer and milly_gal

Instead of picking 5 people to tag - if you see this meme and want to do it, consider yourself tagged!

    List 1-10 pairings/prompts that you have been dying to read. Maybe it's a really rare pairing or something you've requested on any of the past smut memes/exchanges/etc which haven't been fulfilled.
    When you see this posted on your friends' journals, you may do one of the following:
        Write it.
        Link to one that's already been written, whether by you or someone else.
        Talk about if you are also interested in this type of fic/think this pairing would be fun.
        Nothing - it's just a wishlist! It's a conversations starter and just for fun.
    There are no length or rating limits, and prompts may be duplicated. Be specific in your prompts particularly in reference to any requirements that may hinder your appreciation of the fic.
    There is no deadline for this, but once your ten prompts have been written to your satisfaction you are welcome to make a new post starting over. You may write your own prompts if you want. If your tastes change, you can certainly switch out one prompt for another at any time.

TO REITERATE: this is not a "request" list but a "wish" list, if anything inspires you and you want to write it, I'd be super happy, but I'm not trying to fish for people to write my dream fic here, it's just in good fun.

Here's some things:

Talk to me : D )

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Stolen from [ profile] chemm80 with some alterations

I keep saying I'm going to post more and not actually doing anything about it, so let's start 2017 off in a positive way with a Pay It Forward meme. The first 6 people to comment (and more if I can manage it) will receive a surprise from me at some point in 2017 — anything from a book, a ticket, something home-grown or made, a sketch, a postcard, absolutely any surprise! It will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy.

(If you don't like surprises and would rather have something off a wishlist and/or some warning, let me know in your comment. The goal is to make you happy.)

If you can, post this in your own journal and pay it forward. Let's do more kind and loving things for each other in 2017, without any reason other than to make each other smile and show that we think of each other.

Screening comments in case you want to leave an address or a wishlist link. OR BOTH. DUN DUN DUN

Or! You can email me at badbastion at and I will also get that :)
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holiday love meme 2016
my thread here

I need some love right now! I will try to go through and leave some love on other people's threads : )
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full meme | my thread

I'm about to livestream, but I'll def be leaving some love there later. Everybody, go leave a comment so I can love on you!
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I'm having a great birthday so far (even though I haven't slept yet) and I'm going to make a proper post about that later. But for now:

I was tagged by [ profile] sleepypercy for a writing meme: Ze Challange Grande is to pull seven lines from the seventh page of your WIP. Then you're supposed to tag seven other writers.

I have a few that I'm working on, but this is the one I messed with most recently:


"You don't get it," she says, shoving up off the bed and yanking Sam's t-shirt on over her head, inside-out. She paces the small space between their beds, two steps away, two steps back, eyes flicking to him and away, her fingers coming up to her mouth like she wished she had a cigarette, but she'd stopped smoking those a year ago when John took her to task for getting out of breath on their morning runs.

Stomach a yawning pit of dread, Sam watches Deanna dip her fingertips into her mouth to bite on her fingernails, a rare sign of vulnerability. She yanks her fingers away, eyes suddenly firm and focused. "I didn't get it. Not at first," she says, and she makes one more four-step lap before sitting on the bed across from him him.

"I hate talking about this stuff," she grumbles, then sighs and looks up at the dark ceiling.


I hate tagging, and I know a lot of people have been tagged already, so I'm just gonna pick some people. Apologies if you're on here and don't want to be, or if you don't want to be and you are, lol. I'm taggin eight to be a jerk haha

[ profile] riyku (you and your black heart), [ profile] laughablelament (my newest lj friend!), [ profile] indiachick (you beautiful wordsmith you), [ profile] thursdaysisters (my favorite partner in crime), [ profile] katstark (happy belated birthday!), [ profile] deansdirtybb (i m iss you!), [ profile] dugindeep (hope you feel better soon!) aaaand [ profile] adelheide (you beautiful brilliant and lovely lady). Go!
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December 29:[ profile] yohkobennington: Do you have any tattoos or piercings? How many? If not, would you like to have one someday?

Nope! And I'll never get any. I've got OCD, and two things that set it off are metal touching my skin - I have glasses, but they absolutely have to be plastic frames - and ink on skin, whether it's tattoos or accidentally getting pen ink on my fingers. I hate it when people write on their hands, uuugh, lol. I've gotten used to Sam & Dean's tattoos over the years, but it was tough going at first, haha. If I like someone, I'm able to stnad it a little better if they have tattoos or facial piercings, but if I don't like them or don't know them, I'm automatically repulsed. It's weird, I know. It makes watching real porn hard, all those tattooed guys :o

December 31: [ profile] emmatheslayer: if could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be ?

Pizza for sure! I can eat almost any kind of pizza, except for maybe pineapple & onion. I don't much care for veggie pizza either - I gotta have MEAT, lol. I worked at a Domino's for about 5 years, and I never got sick of pizza, even though I could get it for free every day. I'll eat any kind of frozen pizza too, even the cheapest, crappiest kind!

And I'm done! Thanks for all your questions <3 I'll probably compile all these answers into one post and delete the other posts to simplify my journal - it feels too cluttery with all these things. Or maybe I'll be lazy and not do it, haha.
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Missed two days! here we go :)
December 23: [ profile] milly_gal: If you could take one artistic supply with you onto a desert island (we'll allow paper as a given regardless) what would it be?

A mechanical pencil. I don't care what brand, as long as it's got .5mm lead. I've tried drawing the "right" way, with different kinds of pencils on sketch paper, but when i sketch, I'm most comfortable sketching with a fine gauge mechanical pencil on copy paper on a clipboard. I don't know why that becamse my habit, but that's how I've done it for years.

December 24: [ profile] yohkobennington: How did you learned to draw peens so nicely?

lol! Firstly, thank you <3 The answer is: practice, practice, practice. I believe I've drawn literally a thousand dicks, at least, since I began drawing again 7-8 years ago, because porn has been my preference ever since I got back into it, for whatever reason. Because I love it is the reason, I guess. I've looked at a lot of porn, and seen how other porn artists draw theirs, and I dunno, I try to kind of just, make it bigger than average, make it shiny, and try to give it the same detail as I give the rest of the bodies & faces. I love drawing peen :D

Also, I made a new peen tag, just for you.
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December 22: [ profile] cassiopeia7: how did you get into arting?

Oh goodness, this is a hard question. Let's see. I liked drawing as a kid but wasn't very good at it... lots of hands behind backs and cutting people off at the knee so I wouldn't have to draw feet, and I'd draw dinosaurs and crappy spaceships and vroom vroom cars, lol. I wasn't great, maybe even wasn't good, but I liked it. I was more interested in reading and math and playing outside.

I stopped drawing some time in elementary school, then decided to take Art in high school. I found out that I was pretty good at it, so I stuck with it through all four years. Then I took a Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain class during my brief stint in college, and I loved it.

Then I quit again! I let ten years go by before I picked up a pencil again, and by that point I was all kinds of out of practice. Also, I'd been reading a lot of manga, having just found the medium. I'd also just found out about fandom, and I read about people using tablets, and i wanted one. I got one for Christmas. It's the same one I'm still using now, seven years later. I was all into anime/manga at first, which was okay, because it got me drawing. I have mixed feelings about it now. I think it held me back as an artist when I could have been spending those years learning my own style, but then again, it taught me how to stylize, and eventually I did find my own style. It's still a work in progress, though. I do still admire Kubo Tite and Junji Ito's styles, but I wish I could draw/paint with more realism. I never really painted, and I wish I had. But that's how I got into arting, each time, lol.
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December 21: [ profile] memoonster: If you could commit any crime and not get caught, what crime would you commit?

Sadly, it wouldn't be anything cool. As long as I wouldn't get caught, it would be theft. But only from things like banks with insurance, etc., where no single normal person actually loses money. I know money can't buy happiness, but it sure can make things easier. So yeah, I'd be robbing banks like a pro, lol.
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December 20: [ profile] stripytights: What's your favourite genre to read? (Sci-fi, literary fiction, westerns etc) Any must-read recs?

Far and above, my favorite genre is horror. More specifically, short horror. I've been reading horror since I was old enough to go to the library and pick out my own books, starting with YA vampire novels and progressing up to Dean Koontz (who I can't stand now lol) and Stephen King (who I still love). I love short horror anthologies.

But I think horror is best when it's multimedia... I love anything by Junji Ito who draws the creepiest, coolest horror comics. I also love Pseudopod, which is a weekly horror podcast, with quality stories and excellent narrators. I love horror movies too, but they have to be just right. My favorite horror movie is The Thing (1982), which is based on the novel Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell - who was so good they named the award for best horror novel of the year after him.

Horror all the way!
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Missed yesterday, oops, so a double today!

December 18: [ profile] glovered: Your trials and travails concerning doin' your hair!
December 19: [ profile] matchboximpala: tell me one thing on your bucket list.

My hair: I have very little to do with my hair, lol. It's a mousy ash brown, and I dye it black once a month. I cut it into a short bob every few months, then let it grow out until it's about shoulder length, then I cut it again. Other than that, all I do is shampoo, condition, and comb it once when I get out of the shower, and it pretty much styles itself. I've got a few little cowlicks in the back, and when it's short it flips kind of cute, and when it's longer (right now it's kind of S5/6 Sam-style) it still flips, but it's longer curves. Kind of like Sam's, lol. I like my hair. Sometimes I wish it was thicker, but oh well, I wouldn't really want to deal with extra hair anyway.

Bucket list: Hmmmm, I don't really have a bucket list! I'm trying to think of things, and the first thing that popped into my mind (maybe because I'm doing a fandom meme) is that I'd like to go to a con where a few people I know are attending and meet them. I've never been to a convention, and I've only met two people in the years that I've been active on the internet. It was amazing seeing these people in rl, these people that I'd interacted through text with for years, and I'd like to do it again, on a bigger scale. I know I have more important things that I want to do before I die, but that's the first thing that came to mind :)
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December 17: [ profile] dolnmoon: What is your favorite trope to draw?

I'm going to ignore the fact that I'm not entirely sure what a trope is, and answer with the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the question.

Partially-clothed sex!!!

It is the best. Not only is there a sense of immediacy to it, to me, like, the participants couldn't wait to get their clothes off, there's also that delicious contrast between clothed, protected bodies and vulnerable naked naked vulnerable parts. I love naked people, love looking at them and love drawing them, but if I had to quantify it I probably love drawing half-dressed people seven times as much.

Plus! From a fun-to-draw standpoint, I really enjoy figuring out how clothes would fold and bunch, whether I'm accurate at it or not. That, and dramatic fabric folds are SO MUCH FUN to draw. And and, sometimes I even get to draw plaid. Plaid and penis in one picture? One of my favorite things in the world <3
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December 16: [ profile] chomaisky: have you considered draw a spn story? even if it's only a few pages :)

I have considered it! I always want to do comics/sequential art, but I have such a hard time with it. I've done some in other fandoms, but just not yet in SPN. There was a prompt in the latest [ profile] ohsam meme that I actually scripted out, but it got too long on me and I kind of panicked and decided not to do it. I really want to do comics. The closest I've come in SPN was one of my first posts: June 2001: A Love Story Told Through Increasingly Dirty Pictures (NSFW!)

Short answer: I really want to, and I hope I will some day.
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Halfway through the month, I've decided on a whim that I'd like to do this, lol.

Pick a day, ask me a question :) )
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Snagged from [ profile] amber1960 because - positivity rules, dudes!

List 10 things you are loving, right now, this very moment:

1: It's finally (almost) fall. Temps are still in the 70s midday, but at night it's been getting down to the 40s and 50s. I can't wait to be able to wear my cold weather clothes, and to snuggle up in blankets.

2: Watching SPN with my mom. She's hilarious, and she totally gets into it, yelling at the screen and everything.

3: My cats are starting to grow in their winter coats, and they're getting all soft and silky.

4: spn-reversebang! I loved watching the claims, and I felt so flattered that several people wanted my art.

5: My LJ friends are so awesome and supportive.

6: I got a solid 4.5 hours of sleep last night. This is a big deal.

7: My mother-in-law send us 3 big boxes of food things. It's mostly snacks and some macaroni and spaghetti, but that's snacks and macaroni and spaghetti we don't have to buy. We have 12 pounds of Twizzlers, lol.

8: My nephews and I are finally getting close. They hug me when I go over to visit, and Jack has told me a few times that he loves me. He's also told my sister that he missed me when i didn't visit for a few days. They're adorable.

9: I feel like I can draw today. Gonna try to livestream later.

10: I'm reading Stephen King books again, and it's been so long that he's put out several new ones since last I read him. I look forward to reading them.


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