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Title: I wish...
Artist: badbastion
Pairing: implied/pre-Sam/Dean
Rating: PG (though possibly still NSFW)
Summary: Sam pines after his brother. It's tough to share a bed.
Warnings: partial nudity (in underwear), sketchy quality

...I could just... )
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Title: don't stand so close
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-ish, but maybe NSFW
Warnings/Content: non-explicit Weecest (underage - Sam is 14), physical closeness, not-quite-sexual touching
Summary: a commission for [ profile] riyku - a scene from her delicious, gorgeous fic That Book by Nabokov. Dean's measuring Sam's height, like he does on all his birthdays, and Sam gets a little touchy.

Click on the pic for the full-size image :) )
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Title: Undone Part 2 - Sunburn
Author: [ profile] badbastion([ profile] bluesock5)
Reader: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sam has a sunburn, and he asks for help when Dean's guard is down. It's like Sam knows when to strike.
Warnings: weecest (underage - Sam is 14), alcohol, angst, nipple-play, consensual underage sex act, masturbation
Format: mp3
Length: 15:01
Link to text: On LJ / On AO3

Stream or download podfic here on Box
Or at Mediafire

Any kind of feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks for listening :)
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Title: Broken Road Home
Author: [ profile] deansdirtybb
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Words: 30,874
Warnings: Wincest, Underage (Sam is 16 at the beginning of the story), verbal abuse (John to Dean), mild violence, explicit sex, fingering, rimming, oral, anal, semipublic sex, barebacking, boatloads of angst, brief sexual situation with Sam/OMC.
Disclaimer: I’m just borrowing these characters (if only these pretty, pretty boys were actually mine). I make no money here; my only profit is the joy and ruined panties of my readers.
Spoilers: none
Summary: Set pre-series. Sam and Dean fight their attraction to each other, until they are no longer able to resist their feelings. But when John catches them in the act and separates the boys, will they find their way back together?

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