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A huge THANK YOU!!! to the people who helped me out this week. I'm constantly amazed and humbled at the kindness and generosity that can be found in fandom. I've tried to thank everyone personally, but in two cases I couldn't, so: thank you too, I really, really appreciate it and it really helps out a lot.

Without your help, we might be sitting in the dark with no A/C in the south, which is just asking for a heatstroke. We even have some left over for groceries :D

So once again, thank you so much for your help. You all are lifesavers <3
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Thank you SO MUCH everyone, for the birthday messages and comments and picspam and v-gifts and delicious fic. I had a good day :) I got steak and broccoli and cake and a balloon and a brand new, loud and strong as fuck box fan, and my panic attack at the restaurant was only very mild and short, lol, and I managed not to cry! I think this was the first birthday in 10 years I didn't cry for some reason or another. So it went down as an A+ day for me :D:D:D

Yesterday I ate my leftovers and some more cake, and cleaned the house some, and tried unsuccessfully to work on commissions. I did finish a podfic, though. And I got all my laundry done.

I've got alot of crap to do tomorrow, including picking up meds, going to the food stamps office for an appointment, cleaning the house better because I think our A/C's going out and we're going to have to get the maintenance men in poking around, so. And there's no way we can deal with no air in June in southern Arkansas, so we've got to get them in ASAP. And, I need to get back to work on commissions after all that.

But no cleaning today. I need a day to recharge and do like, nothing. I'll probably do some of the nothingat my mom's house, where their air works and they keep it nice and cool. I might do a livestream later, or in a few minutes, depending on when I want to go over there. Just some random stuff probably, maybe porn, idk. I might try to draw and find out that nothing comes out, but at least for once it'll be at a decent hour, lol! Instead of 3 am when I can't sleep haha
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If you saw my last post, you probably saw this one coming, lol.

I've cowritten a fic for the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang with [ profile] thursdaysisters, and the draft is finished.

We'd like someone who can look over it for plot continuity/errors, clarity, some SPAG, pacing, and general soundness of story.

If you're available, please let me know through PM or email (badbastion(at)gmail(dot)com) :) We'll be looking for more than one beta, because it's long and plotty and we'd like a couple of sets of eyes on it, plus we don't want the responsibility to rest solely one one person.

Thanks! :)

ETA: You guys are awesome. Thank you.

Thank you!

Oct. 28th, 2014 02:53 pm
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Thank you all for your help, kindness and good thoughts. You've really helped me out, and I can't say how much I appreciate it. You guys are the best.
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I got so many lovely messages and gifts yesterday! Thanks to everyone who sent me a birthday message, and thanks to [ profile] milly_gal for the picspam, thanks to [ profile] amber1960 for the adorable picture, thanks to [ profile] dont_hate_me01 for the v-gift, and thanks to [ profile] dolnmoon and [ profile] memoonster for the gift :D

I'm settling in to my new place still, and it was wonderful to be able to spend my birthday with my family. I slept in, watched a little Walking Dead, had Chinese lunch with my sister, watched my nephews play in the pool (and yelled at them for putting sand in it lol) and then invented the Butt Cannon with them (farts flying in everyone's faces!!!), had burgers for dinner, cuddled extensively with my boyfriend (who's working his first week at his new job, yay!) then had cake while I forced my mom and sister to watch Teen Wolf with me, lol. We're about to get to the Season 2 finale, and they were so eager to find out what the (thing) was and (who) was (what)ing it. It got me all excited too. (I've tried to sell them on Supernatural, but it's 2spooky for my sister.)

I also want to draw your attention to a new comm!

It's basically a multi-fandom pornfest, with some possible upcoming challenges and things, and I'm hoping it'll give me the impetus I need to pick up my tablet and start drawing again. I sooo miss drawing, but I haven't found my groove again. I'll find it eventually :) Hopefully sooner than later!

Thanks again to everyone, those who made my birthday brighter and those who helped me get here so that I could spend my birthday around people I love :) Funds are currently stretched too thin for me to have gotten any gifts or have a party-party, but we're planning on me having a second birthday the weekend after my bf gets his first paycheck. Two birthdays in a month=major win \o/
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We just got back from my hometown, and it was great to see my family again. Stressful for two people used to being largely by themselves to spend a week on a family of five's couches, but really great to see them still :)

It looks like we got an apartment! I'm 99% sure - just waiting for the complaince report to come back, which takes a few days, but since we didn't lie about anything and had all the paperwork done fully then it's mostly a formality, seems like. They've already told us we could move in on May 9th as long as the report comes back fine. We may be able to get in earlier, on the 1st. Yay!

We also got to see some of our old friends while we were there. It was so strange, and so wonderful, to actually be around friends. We live in a small retirement community (10,000 people, about 75% of them over 65) and we haven't been able to make friends in the three or so years we've been here.

EVEN BETTER, when we move, we'll be away from this terrible, dangerous, precarious living situation we're in. Just thinking about being in Texarkana again makes me feel FREE, which is something I'd never thought it would when we moved away years ago. I know a change in latitude doesn't always mean a change in attitude, but in this case, I think it will. I think that being around loved ones and friends, and in a town where my boyfriend might actually be able to get a job, and in an area with better mental health & social services, and away from here, is going to help both of us a lot. I worry about getting my hopes up, but I think the weight of our depression and anxiety is going to lighten quite a bit. I might even be able to draw again, lol.

I'm going to thank you all again, and I'm not going to stop being grateful. Without your help, we couldn't have made the trip to find the apartment, and we wouldn't have had the security deposit to hold the apartment, and we wouldn't have had the money for the pet deposit, which was stressing me out beyond what was rational. So we get to keep our little guys! \o/ We're gonna be squeaking by on the money, but oh man, I don't even care if we're broke as hell. We're going to get out of here.

We couldn't have done it without your donations, and I really do believe it was your good thoughts and positive energy that put us in the right place at the right time to have the apartment manager who turned us down be the kind lady who referred us to the low-income, tax-credit housing apartments where we ended up, and then to find the helpful lady at the desk who explained very clearly everything we'd need to have our application processed in as stress-free a manner as possible. I am babbling, but thank you, thank you, thank you <3
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We're in my hometown right now, sleeping on my sister's couch, and it's so good to see my family again. She's got two 6-year-old twin redheaded boys that are sweet and hilarious, and my mom's just as kooky as ever, lol.

We've looked at a lot of apartments, and we think we've found the right one. It's perfect for our monthly budget, and it's really nice. We don't make enough for most of the apartments around here (and most of them have been nice enough to tell us before they took the application fee! :o) but this one has some tax credit units for low-income families, and we make just enough over the minimum that the landlord said it would be no problem. She was super friendly and helpful, and she seemed like she really wanted to get us as tenants. Good thing I have 15+ years of customer service experience, because it's really haaard, but I can be really friendly and polite and approachable in person. I think it helps that I'm short and unthreatening and kind of cute XD

We're waiting on my boyfriend's mom to mail us back a notarized document stating how much she'll be sending us a month to help out, and then we're going to turn in the application and wait and see if we get the spot. I'm really excited about the place (it even has a little pool!) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we do.

We wouldn't have been able to make this trip and find this place without your help, and I'm so grateful and glad that the community is so generous. I really love you guys <3

We're still a little short of our goal for the cat deposit, which is the only thing that's a little too high at these apartments (it's $500, and we're a few hundred short), so if you could spare a few dollars it would be so much appreciated! My GoFundMe account is here (and you don't need a paypal acount, just a credit or debit card, and your contribution can be anonymous or not, or if you have paypal and want to help you can send it to We really want to keep our little guys with us. We've had them for three years, and they're like our kids now.

Again, thank you so much for your support, whether it be money or ehugs or good wishes or positive energies wafted our way. I love the SPN fandom, and I'm so glad I found it, even before this moving thing. You guys are the best, and I've made so many wonderful friends here :)
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So, for the last week or so I've been trying to get back on the "draw every day" horse, and I've been partially successful. I haven't done anything post-worthy, but I've at least managed a doodle every day. The problem is, I have a hard time deciding what to draw when I'm not fandom-inspired, which I'm not right now. So I'm asking you guys for some drawing assignments!

It can be just about anything. Scenery, vehicles, animals, portraits, still life, objects, etc. I'm not asking for porn or pairing prompts or anything, but assignments for portraits/character studies are also welcome.

The shows/manga/comics I'm familiar with are, in no particular order:
Psych - Burn Notice - Supernatural - Teen Wolf - True Blood - Game of Thrones - True Detective - Brooklyn Nine Nine - Naruto - Bleach - Attack on Titan - Anything by Junji Itou - Sherlock - Firefly - Harry Potter - Batman (films, cartoons and comics) - Spiderman (films, cartoons and a little bit of comics) - Marvel Universe (films only) - LOOOOTS of horror movies - and I can't think of any more off the top of my head. ETA: American Horror Story - Eyeshield 21 - Hemlock Grove - Death Note

I'll probably stick these in a randomizer and pull one out whenever I want something to draw :)

Please don't give me anything complicated, haha. I can't guarantee that I'll post these or even finish them, but it'll give me some things to try when I'm short on ideas.

Your help is appreciated! :)
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So I had a good two days of Thanksgiving, lots of turkey and lots of walks to offset the pie, lol. I hope you all had a good one too!

Then this morning I watched 9x08 and I am SALIVATING for some fic

spoilers under the cut )

If you know of any fics dealing with these things, please, pleeeease link me to them! I will love you so hard, you don't even know.
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Thank you so much for the happy birthday wishes! I got some lovely PMs and emails and v-gifts, and even a wonderful gift fic :D  I think I replied to everybody individually already, but if someone slipped through the cracks, come and thump me for it, deal?

I had a super day. I had steak for lunch (and I'm about to go heat up the leftovers in a few minutes to eat with hannibal :D) and delicious cake + cupcakes, since we just have one small baking pan and a 12-muffin sheet. I watched some of X-Men First Class, which I'd never gotten around to, and I had some nice naps, then I watched Mama by myself at two in the morning. \o/

I was also really, ridiculously lucky and got some awesome gifts.


NEW TABLET :o My mother-in-law-ish (not married) got it for me a week or so ago as an early b-day present, so I'm counting it :D I'm still trying to get used to the new feel and layout of it, but I'm so excited about it! Then my bf got me the other stuff, and with the addition of the new box set I've got S1-4 of SPN (and the only one I'll want after that is 5, and MAAYYYBE 6, just b/c I loved soulless!Sam so much.) Also new ipod, which has 16 times the memory of the one I won at work 7 years ago, lol. I look forward to filling that sucker up with all the music and ebooks and podfics that'll fit, instead of having to listen to a few chapters, delete them, and put more on, haha. And the Murder by Death cd Red of Tooth and Claw, which I believe everyone in the world should own. Seriously, best gifts ever.

My cat disagrees of course, and thinks he is totally more interesting than anything else I could be looking at, and those other things only deserve to be looked at by his butt.


Sometimes he has a point. His offer of belly rubs is enough to distract me from lots of things. It's so soft and floofy, ahhhh.
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I am super super lucky, because [ profile] fantamae recorded my very first SPN fic And you would be a fool, a fic I wrote with such gleeeee, and have such loving memories of. And she did such an amazing job of it! :o I love it so much :D She makes it so FUN, I just keep listening to it. I'm so excited about this :D

Please go and have a look at her post here
podfic podfic podfic
and give it a listen if you're into that sort of thing. Sam/Dean, cuddle-curse! lol She does wonderful voices for the boys, and just, it's fantastic. I am out of words to use on it, haha. Go listen, and tell her what an incredible job she did! <3
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Title: take care of you
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Characters: Sam&Dean, gen
Spoilers: none. Description is possibly not canon.
Rating: R
Content: blood and injuries, h/c
Summary: After a run-in with a particular nasty monster, Dean patches Sam up
Misc: Nothing like a bit of hurt/comfort to cheer you up. Thanks for chatting with me in the livestream last night, and thank you guys so much for the kind comments on my last post. I will answer you with all the hugs in the world <3

How'd you let yourself get so torn up, huh? )
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Podficcing has me by the baaaallllls right now, you guys. Don't get me wrong, I love it! It's just, I get fixated on one aspect of creativity and I hang out there for a while. I've joined at least one podficcing challenge in my frenzy to record ALL the fics. I'm learning so much! I love the learning as much as I love the doing :) You guys should try it, at least once. However, I do understand that a lot of people don't care for podfic, and that's ok, too.

Are there any of you who would offer me permission to rifle through your fics, and try to record one if it calls to me? That is, if you don't already offer blanket permission. But you could point that out if you want to, as well :) You guys know there are certain pairings and things I like, but I'm also interesting in trying new things. So anybody can leave me a comment, even if it just says "ok", and I may rummage through your bits and pieces ;D

Aaaand, if you want to make your fic available to anyone who wants to record it, you can go to this Blanket Permission List post at [ profile] cakehole_club and leave a comment. That way you might one day be surprised by podfic in your inbox :D Some podficcing challenges are coming up as well, so podficcers will certainly be looking for a variety of material to work with.

I have a couple of podfics I have to edit, then post. (I wish I were actually good at graphic design! lol. I can draw, but when I try to make graphics, they're just kind of bleh.) Podficcing is just as, if not more, time consuming as art is, especially anything over ~2000 words. But it's really gratifying, because I eased into fandom by listening to podfic, and I listened to SO MUCH of it, and it makes me so happy to think that others are listening to my recordings, too :)

So yeah, if you like de podfics, there will be more. And if you don't care for them, or both, I'm gonna try to livestream either tomorrow or the next day to flex my drawing muscle so it doesn't atrophy, lol.


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