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I'll be throwing away my old broken down computer table and packing up my computer in a day or two, so one more post before I move :)

Packing and cleaning is stressful as hell, but it's going as smoothly as that stuff can go. I'm confident we'll have at least half a day to rest up before the day of the move.

Still having trouble sleeping, but I sleep when I can and work when I can.

I really look forward to being in the new place. Not only does it have all those other positives I talked about, it's also generally at least 10 degrees cooler than it is here. I'm excited about getting an actual autumn.

I'm on the fence about signing up for two current SPN challenges/exchanges. I guess once I move and get unpacked I'll see how I feel.

I'm kind of interested in Stucky right now, and would love to have some good Stucky podfics to listen to for when I can't sleep/when I'm working around the apartment/while I'm on the road. Any recs? If not, I might just go to the podfic site and search for some.

I still miss you guys. Hopefully I'll be back around soon in a more active role on LJ. And I'll figure out what this imzy? thing is. And I'd like to do the 100 days of Happy meme because I need the positivity in my life/on my LJ, but I'll probably knock it down to 15 or 20 days.

I'll see you guys in a week or so!
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Title: Undone Part 2 - Sunburn
Author: [ profile] badbastion([ profile] bluesock5)
Reader: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sam has a sunburn, and he asks for help when Dean's guard is down. It's like Sam knows when to strike.
Warnings: weecest (underage - Sam is 14), alcohol, angst, nipple-play, consensual underage sex act, masturbation
Format: mp3
Length: 15:01
Link to text: On LJ / On AO3

Stream or download podfic here on Box
Or at Mediafire

Any kind of feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks for listening :)
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Someone in fandom is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and she needs some financial help. Cancers are a plague to my family on both sides, breast cancer among them, and I'd sincerely love to help, but I'm not in a place where I can send money.

However, [ profile] alycat is running a fanworks auction, and I'm auctioning off a podfic of up to 6k-ish words with a starting bid of $15. If something miraculous happens and a bid goes over $60, I can record a longer fic.

There are some great offers there - you should check it out! There are also options to help directly without going through the auction.

Here's a link to the main page
and here's a link to my thread.

I really hope [ profile] sylsdarkplace can get the help she needs!
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Title: the boy with the lovely soul
Author: [ profile] badbastion
Reader: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: Sam/Castiel
Rating: PG
Summary: Castiel sank with relief into Sam's silences
Format: mp3
Length: 3:15
Link to text: On LJ

Stream or download podfic here on Box
Or at Mediafire
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I will podfic 4 U!

When I was running commissions last month, I mentioned podfic commissions, and someone asked me about pricing. I've figured out what my pricing will be, and I'm open for podfic commissions if anyone's interested :)

I'm charging .7 cents a word, rounded up to the nearest dollar. So that means if it's a 1k word fic, it'll be $7.00. A 2500 word fic would be $15.00. A 3482 word fic would be $21.00.

If it's under $20, I'll take full payment in advance. If it's over $20, I'll take $20 in advance and the remainder when the podfic is complete.

For examples of my podfics, see my podfic tag :)

One thing: There are some characters I just can't do, and Crowley is one of them. But I'll do just about any characters, any length, any rating, any kinks or tropes :)

If you're interested or have any questions, please leave me a comment or email me at badbastion (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!
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I'm in the mooood to podfic! That, and I'm having trouble drawing, lol. So what do you guys think I should record next?

[Poll #2012219]

Ugh, I keep editing and deleting. I wish you could edit polls! Come on LJ, fix that in your next update. Anyway, in the Denial series, Sam is a boy, if that's unclear /o\

Edit 2: There are a few fics I didn't include because I forgot about them! /o\ Vote in the comments if you want one of these: Simulacrum (Soulless!Sam/Dean); Cherry Pie (Dean/Sam); Ballad for the Boy King (Sam/Dean pre-slash casefic); and The Curtain (Sam/Dean). I am terrible at making polls, lol.
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First off, let me thank my flist SO MUCH for using LJ-cuts for spoilery talk. I haven't seen the finale yet - will see it tomorrow, I think - and being able to look at LJ without being spoilered has been FANTASTIC. You guys are the best.

Now here's what the post is about. Last night I was recording some podfic and having quite a bit of fun with it, and then I hit a snag where I stumbled over the same phrase about ten times. For a second, I was like WHY DO I EVEN PODFIC WHEN I CAN'T EVEN TALK RIGHT!! I got over it quickly, because I remembered that that's actually why I podfic! :)

This got pretty dang rambly, lol. )

So if you've ever wondered where my accent is from, it's from Texas. I actually hear it sometimes, in the way I say "I" and a few other words, and sometimes when I do voices, especially Dean's. For all I know, it actually does sound like a Texas accent, and I've been silly for worrying about it all my life. ...Or, for all I know, I still "talk funny," I've just gotten over worrying about it through podficcing.

If you've ever left a kind comment about my podfics or my voice, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I treasure these comments, not just because I get fewer comments on my podfic than on anything else (that's just the way podficcing goes) but because you're telling me hey, you don't sound funny! You sound good enough for me to tell you so! It makes me happy :D

Now I'm curious about my podficcing flisties. Why did you get into reading podfic?
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What's your favorite podfic to listen to while you're going to bed? I've been having trouble sleeping, and I have a HUGE collection of podfics downloaded, but I have trouble remembering which is which and recorded by whom.

So what's the most comforting story to hear, the most soothing voice? Do you have a fave podficcer, or a go-to story that you often turn to? I need to fill up a little sleepytime playlist, and I'm at a loss. I think Dictionary for a Dead Language is going on the list, but I have no idea what else.


(btw, you don't have to answer tonight, lol, I plan to compile my playlist over time :))

ETA: Who's that wonderful SPN author who records her own podfics? She also does a lot of baseball RPF, and I CANNOT remember her name for the life of me.

ETA2: I remembered, it's candle_beck, who slays me, and whom you should check out if you haven't listened to her already.
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I love fandom fests. Kink memes, comment memes, bangs, exchanges. Right now I'm signed up for two, and I'm so conflicted on whether to do more! I've got commissions to work on, which take priority and which I can usually keep going strong on while doing other stuff, and I did decide to do art for the samdean-otp minibang (got a great, sweet author!) and I'm trying to figure out if I want to do a second piece for spn-reversebang (already have one piece turned in) and now I'm trying so hard to decide if i want to sign up for Cake Swap! *bites nails*


I love podficcing, and I love getting gifts in return, but it seems like it would be so hard to find fics to podfic that would suit people's likes and dislikes. I also can't think of any fics off the top of my head that I'd like to have podficced for me, other than my own because I love it when people record my fics. But I don't know if it would be proper etiquette to ask for that, lol.


(I am excited about the ones I'm participating in though :D) What are you guys signed up for/working on right now? And has anyone ever done Cake Swap, and if so, how was the experience?
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I'm on top of this, lol. Two days in a row!

three more things )
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Hi guys!

I've been devouring new media, and I'm wondering if I could get some recs :) I've been watching Teen Wolf and The Walking Dead (plus reading the TWD comic) and I'd love to have some good fanfic to sink my teeth into.

I'm looking for any pairing (or gen), any genre (though I do love horror and get-together fic). In-universe and in-character would be fantastic. Are there any fandom "classics" I should read, as I'm sampling both of these fandoms years late?

Also: PODFIC RECS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Self-recs welcome! I notice that TW fandom posts a lot to DW and AO3, so I don't know if I'd miss any, as I find my podfics at amplificathon/

Thanks in advance! <3

ETA: Some Walking Dead and Teen Wolf spoilers in the comments!
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This looks like fun, and everybody should totally sign up. It's open to all fandoms, and it's for writers and podficcers. It's a short little challenge, and I've just signed up - check it out and see if you want to as well! :D

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My journal has already become somewhat unwieldy, so it is time. Links to my art, fic, podfic and other stuff are listed here, and I will update it from time to time.

For the pictures, I've made small, reasonably SFW thumbnails. They're even color-coded, haha.


Under here )
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So, the weather outside is frightful, lol. I'm sure a lot of you are experiencing this ice storm thing, and I hope everyone's safe! I'm surprised we haven't lost power or internet, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed through this next bit of ice coming in tomorrow.

I'm already going stir-crazy, though. I'm used to taking a few walks a day, at least, trying to do 5 or more miles a day. But now I'm just stuck inside, with my plenty of food and water and electricity and internet, poor me, haha. I probably won't be able to get out until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Art block! is kind of killing me. If I could art, I wouldn't be so frustrated. Or maybe it's the other way around; it often is. I was going to livestream tonight, but earlier today I had my tablet out and I just kind of drew blobs on it, then pushed it away in disgust. So I'd prefer to not do that in front of an audience, lol.

I have been podficcing, though :) I ordered a new mic from Amazon, and it was really shitty, but i was so ready to record things that I got out my old mic and found an excellent story to work on. I already recorded it once, but I rushed it and it was painfully obvious (my mushmouth can be hilarious, but not so much if you can't even understand the words that are coming out of my mouth.) So I'm recording it again, and I have the first part done, and I'm MUCH happier with it now. I'm sure the first read-through didn't hurt, what with getting me familiar with the fic. I'll probably record the second part tomorrow. My first longfic!

I can't wait to get my art mojo back though, because I have a commission I need to finish and some RBB art to work on soon, plus I just love to DRAAAAAW and it makes me happy.

So how are you guys doing? Tell me things. tell me your favorite podfics, tell me what you're doing to not be bored in all this terrible weather, link me to a short fic to try to record, tell me your favorite current fics! I know spn_j2_bb had a lot of great ones, and I was too busy moving to really pay attention to much.

In short, I'm boooooored, talk to me! haha


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