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I'm trying to find things to get me back to doing creative stuff again. I was thinking that I should try the horror route, because that's my favorite of all genres of all time. But the problem is, I can never get any good ideas!

So flist, do you have any horror writing/art prompts? If you do, I might use them, I might not, depending on if something sparks in my head. Be as vague or specific as you like, though I may change things.

Also - what are you most afraid of? I'm just curious. Me, I'm scared of the dark, lol, because I imagine that there are things in it. I can't look out windows at night, too scary.

Also also - does anyone know of any good sites to get writing prompts? I don't even know where to start looking, other than the obvious, which would be google. But I'd like to use something that someone has already tried and likes.

Thanks a lot for any ideas you can give me, I really appreciate it!
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Long story short, my old tablet+computer+graphics program are no longer useable, so i'm on a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM with a newer tablet that i'm not familiar with, and a graphics program i'm even less familiar with.

Sooooo, I need to practice hardcore to get good enough to draw things I can actually share with people.

Please give me some prompts! I promise that I will at least try to do each one of them. Nothing too complicated, please, I'm just trying to get used to the new tablet & program.

Alsoooo, does anyone know of any cheap or free graphics programs? Now all I have is photoshop CS4, and I don't love it. I really don't like GIMP, and I can't get Paint Tool Sai (my program of choice) to work on my laptop.

Thanks a bunch!
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So, I fell asleep and then I woke up three hours later because of nightmares, so of course I'm craving horror. However, I've already read all of my horror books and ebooks, and I've listened to ALLLLL of pseudopod (if you're a fan of horror and podcasts, go and give them a listen! The host, Alisdair, is FANTASTIC, and while the stories are *sometimes* not super, the readers almost always are.) and I don't feel like combing through the garbage at r/nosleep to find something good. I'm not really in the mood for reading, anyway, even if it's something short. (There's a fic I wanted to read that seemed right up my alley, but I closed the tab and now I forgot the name of it or who wrote it, but it was too long for my current attention span.)

Plus, Halloween's coming up. Yay Halloween!

Long story short, I feel like trying to write some horror. Do you have any prompts for me? a couple of words, an outline, SPN, original, it doesn't matter. I don't know if I'll be successful at writing horror, but I'd love to try, I just can't think of where to start /o\

Thank yoooou!

Also I am EVEN MORE HEARTBROKEN that Silent Hills was cancelled, because I just found out that my favorite artist, Junji Ito, was working on the project. Oh, Woe! TT___TT
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Hey, everyone! One of our friends is also in need of help. [ profile] merakieross has posted about her medical situation on her tumblr here. In short, she's in a bad situation with both medical bills and college fees (which need to be paid in order for her to keep her student medical insurance) coming due by July 10. She's an awesome artist (see below for an example!) who is hoping to take commissions in order to help pay for her medical expenses.

However, we'd like to help her by also holding a fanworks auction! I'll [ profile] selecasharp will be offering fic ([ profile] selecasharp from [ profile] teashopmuses as well as on tumblr) along with [ profile] vintagejacqui (also on tumblr and a fellow writer on the youknowtheyarebrothers tumblr), [ profile] pixymisa from [ profile] teashopmuses, and [ profile] dimeliora (nonastrega on tumblr), and art along with [ profile] lightthesparks and [ profile] pixymisa as well. If you'd like to offer your own fic or art, please feel free!

To participate, you can either A) offer your art/writing/vids/etc. up to bidders, B) bid on others who have made offers, C) put an idea you'd like to see up and how much you'd be willing to donate, or D) choose one of the ideas from C and fulfill it!

The auction will start today, June 7, and will run until June 21. Note: June 21 is not the date by which you need to deliver your work to your winner. It's just the last date for people to bid on offers. You can talk to your winner and decide on the details/due date. If you're unsure about how a fanworks auction works, please check out the previous post at this community.

You can find the original auction post here :)
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Someone in fandom is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and she needs some financial help. Cancers are a plague to my family on both sides, breast cancer among them, and I'd sincerely love to help, but I'm not in a place where I can send money.

However, [ profile] alycat is running a fanworks auction, and I'm auctioning off a podfic of up to 6k-ish words with a starting bid of $15. If something miraculous happens and a bid goes over $60, I can record a longer fic.

There are some great offers there - you should check it out! There are also options to help directly without going through the auction.

Here's a link to the main page
and here's a link to my thread.

I really hope [ profile] sylsdarkplace can get the help she needs!
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I am in dire need of groceries, so I'm opening commissions.

Any characters, any fandom or OCs, any rating, almost any kinks

$25 per character, colored art with no background

Backgrounds and complicated stuff might cost extra.

Half the payment will be due up-front, and the other half will come when you approve the sketch.

I'll also record podfic for you, though I'd have to figure out how to charge for that if it comes up.

I'd be happy to answer any questions :) If you don't want to do it in the comments, you can email me to commission me or to ask questions at

If you don't want to/can't commission me but would like to help, I'd greatly appreciate even a dollar or two that I can put toward milk or bread or peanut butter. My paypal address is; alternately, my Walmart accepts eGift cards.
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A dear friend of mine is in some medical and financial trouble, and could really use some help.

[ profile] dolnmoon/dolavine has reached out and helped me and other people a lot in the years that I've known her. Right before this went down, she even ordered me an Always Keep Fighting t-shirt out of nowhere. Now she needs surgery and she has no more vacation days or savings, and she won't be able to make it through without a little help from her friends.

Check out her GoFundMe page here for more information, or her original journal entry, and please give or spread the word if you can <3
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(signal-boosting for [ profile] lyryk.)

[ profile] cillab42 has posted about her situation on her LJ. You can help raise funds for her by making a direct donation here, participating in the auction, and/or spreading the word among your friends.

The auction will start today yesterday, November 20, and run until November 29 (next Saturday). The last date for the auction is not the date by which you need to deliver your work. It's just the last date for people to bid on offers. You can talk to your winner and decide on the details/due date.

Auction page is here.

I myself am offering a sketch commission for the auction, minimum bid $5, and there are a lot of great auction items! Have a look - maybe get something nice for yourself and help out someone else out at the same time :) All proceeds from the auction will go to [ profile] cillab42.
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Sweet and generous [ profile] milly_gal is in some serious financial trouble, and could use fandom's help.

Read about it here in her journal, or here on her gofundme page.

She's offering up graphics for donations over 20# (don't know how to make the pounds sign lol) if that sweetens the pot for you :)
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Under the cut is a poll on a few parts on fandom etiquette, regarding fandom fest art and comments. Also a poll because I'm wondering why the comment section has not been as robust as it used to be.

look at my pole lol )

Thanks for taking the time to answer!
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We just got back from my hometown, and it was great to see my family again. Stressful for two people used to being largely by themselves to spend a week on a family of five's couches, but really great to see them still :)

It looks like we got an apartment! I'm 99% sure - just waiting for the complaince report to come back, which takes a few days, but since we didn't lie about anything and had all the paperwork done fully then it's mostly a formality, seems like. They've already told us we could move in on May 9th as long as the report comes back fine. We may be able to get in earlier, on the 1st. Yay!

We also got to see some of our old friends while we were there. It was so strange, and so wonderful, to actually be around friends. We live in a small retirement community (10,000 people, about 75% of them over 65) and we haven't been able to make friends in the three or so years we've been here.

EVEN BETTER, when we move, we'll be away from this terrible, dangerous, precarious living situation we're in. Just thinking about being in Texarkana again makes me feel FREE, which is something I'd never thought it would when we moved away years ago. I know a change in latitude doesn't always mean a change in attitude, but in this case, I think it will. I think that being around loved ones and friends, and in a town where my boyfriend might actually be able to get a job, and in an area with better mental health & social services, and away from here, is going to help both of us a lot. I worry about getting my hopes up, but I think the weight of our depression and anxiety is going to lighten quite a bit. I might even be able to draw again, lol.

I'm going to thank you all again, and I'm not going to stop being grateful. Without your help, we couldn't have made the trip to find the apartment, and we wouldn't have had the security deposit to hold the apartment, and we wouldn't have had the money for the pet deposit, which was stressing me out beyond what was rational. So we get to keep our little guys! \o/ We're gonna be squeaking by on the money, but oh man, I don't even care if we're broke as hell. We're going to get out of here.

We couldn't have done it without your donations, and I really do believe it was your good thoughts and positive energy that put us in the right place at the right time to have the apartment manager who turned us down be the kind lady who referred us to the low-income, tax-credit housing apartments where we ended up, and then to find the helpful lady at the desk who explained very clearly everything we'd need to have our application processed in as stress-free a manner as possible. I am babbling, but thank you, thank you, thank you <3
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We're in my hometown right now, sleeping on my sister's couch, and it's so good to see my family again. She's got two 6-year-old twin redheaded boys that are sweet and hilarious, and my mom's just as kooky as ever, lol.

We've looked at a lot of apartments, and we think we've found the right one. It's perfect for our monthly budget, and it's really nice. We don't make enough for most of the apartments around here (and most of them have been nice enough to tell us before they took the application fee! :o) but this one has some tax credit units for low-income families, and we make just enough over the minimum that the landlord said it would be no problem. She was super friendly and helpful, and she seemed like she really wanted to get us as tenants. Good thing I have 15+ years of customer service experience, because it's really haaard, but I can be really friendly and polite and approachable in person. I think it helps that I'm short and unthreatening and kind of cute XD

We're waiting on my boyfriend's mom to mail us back a notarized document stating how much she'll be sending us a month to help out, and then we're going to turn in the application and wait and see if we get the spot. I'm really excited about the place (it even has a little pool!) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we do.

We wouldn't have been able to make this trip and find this place without your help, and I'm so grateful and glad that the community is so generous. I really love you guys <3

We're still a little short of our goal for the cat deposit, which is the only thing that's a little too high at these apartments (it's $500, and we're a few hundred short), so if you could spare a few dollars it would be so much appreciated! My GoFundMe account is here (and you don't need a paypal acount, just a credit or debit card, and your contribution can be anonymous or not, or if you have paypal and want to help you can send it to We really want to keep our little guys with us. We've had them for three years, and they're like our kids now.

Again, thank you so much for your support, whether it be money or ehugs or good wishes or positive energies wafted our way. I love the SPN fandom, and I'm so glad I found it, even before this moving thing. You guys are the best, and I've made so many wonderful friends here :)
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I've had a few inquiries about whether you can use paypal to donate on the GoFundMe site, and the answer is that you can't.

But if you still want to help, you can send money to my paypal with the email, and I can mark it down as an offline donation of it on my GoFundMe page as counting toward the total raised. It would help out a lot, either way.

We'll be taking the trip on Monday to try to find a place to rent, and it would be really great if we had the money to put down a deposit on the spot, in case we find something while we're there. We're getting pretty close, and even a dollar or two would help. Thank you for reading, and thanks again to everyone who's helped out so far!
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Firstly, those of you who have send me money/WalMart cards: Thank you so much! Your help and support has meant the world to me. I can't even say how much I appreciate it. We've got enough money and a little extra to drive to my hometown and back, with some help for groceries too. You guys are the best, and I'm so humbled and grateful.

Secondly, a few people suggested that I look into I have, and I've set up an account there. If you'd like to help, or if you're just curious, the link is here.

It's crowdfunding, and you don't have to have a paypal account, just a debit or credit card. I don't have to reach a certain monetary goal or raise so much within a set time limit; if there's money I can withdraw and I need it, I can have it transferred to my bank account then. If you could spare even a few dollars, that would help a lot. And if you can't, hugs and positive energy are still more than welcome, and would also help! <3
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My boyfriend and I are in a really rough living situation, and we're trying to get out of it. We want to move back to my hometown across the state from where we live now, so that I can be around my family and better mental health care and social resources. I'm planning to drive there next week to look at apartments/fill out/turn in applications. However, the gas money is going to make my grocery budget pretty much nil. I'm disabled and on a low fixed income, so we barely get by as it is.

Family's going to try to help with some of the moving costs, but they're at poverty level and won't be able to help much. I don't really even want to think about how we'll be able to afford this.

I hate asking for help, but I don't know what else to do right now. Please help.

If you could spare any money to help me out, please send it to me through paypal with the email

If you'd rather, you can send a WalMart ecard that I can use for groceries. You can do that online here, and you can use the same email address as above.

Any amount would make a difference. I wish I could do something to give back, but right now I can't. I promise that I'd be incredibly grateful if you could help, and that it would all go to a good cause, and that I'd find a way to pay it forward when I'm in a position to do so.

If you don't have the extra money, any kind of positive energy or internet hugs you could send me way would also be appreciated.

Thanks for reading <3
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Hi guys!

I've been devouring new media, and I'm wondering if I could get some recs :) I've been watching Teen Wolf and The Walking Dead (plus reading the TWD comic) and I'd love to have some good fanfic to sink my teeth into.

I'm looking for any pairing (or gen), any genre (though I do love horror and get-together fic). In-universe and in-character would be fantastic. Are there any fandom "classics" I should read, as I'm sampling both of these fandoms years late?

Also: PODFIC RECS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Self-recs welcome! I notice that TW fandom posts a lot to DW and AO3, so I don't know if I'd miss any, as I find my podfics at amplificathon/

Thanks in advance! <3

ETA: Some Walking Dead and Teen Wolf spoilers in the comments!
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So, for the last week or so I've been trying to get back on the "draw every day" horse, and I've been partially successful. I haven't done anything post-worthy, but I've at least managed a doodle every day. The problem is, I have a hard time deciding what to draw when I'm not fandom-inspired, which I'm not right now. So I'm asking you guys for some drawing assignments!

It can be just about anything. Scenery, vehicles, animals, portraits, still life, objects, etc. I'm not asking for porn or pairing prompts or anything, but assignments for portraits/character studies are also welcome.

The shows/manga/comics I'm familiar with are, in no particular order:
Psych - Burn Notice - Supernatural - Teen Wolf - True Blood - Game of Thrones - True Detective - Brooklyn Nine Nine - Naruto - Bleach - Attack on Titan - Anything by Junji Itou - Sherlock - Firefly - Harry Potter - Batman (films, cartoons and comics) - Spiderman (films, cartoons and a little bit of comics) - Marvel Universe (films only) - LOOOOTS of horror movies - and I can't think of any more off the top of my head. ETA: American Horror Story - Eyeshield 21 - Hemlock Grove - Death Note

I'll probably stick these in a randomizer and pull one out whenever I want something to draw :)

Please don't give me anything complicated, haha. I can't guarantee that I'll post these or even finish them, but it'll give me some things to try when I'm short on ideas.

Your help is appreciated! :)
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Commission for Sale!

Some unexpected medical expenses have come up this month, so I'm going to hop back onto the commissions horse!

Prices are lower than I usually charge, as I need the cash and I'm new to doing commissions in this fandom.

Commissions Information )
I'll take the first two people who ask for a commission, and once I finish those and still feel like I can take on commissions (and there are more than two people who are interested), I'll go down the list to see if people still want a commission. If I do commissions again at a later date, I'll post a new entry for people to respond to, but I won't keep a waiting list from this entry. (I've learned that if I keep a waiting list, all it does is stress me out more.)

I sometimes livestream these. I don't know when or for how long, so I can't schedule a time when I'll be working. I can email you, though, when I open up livestream to work on your picture. I won't reveal who the picture is for.

((I had a paypal donate button here, but felt like I should save that in the case of a true emergency. In this case, we may be on ramen & have to ration our TP for a week or two, but we'll live, especially with the help of the commissions :)))

Current spots are now taken (thank you!), but if you're interested, please leave me a comment here and I'll see if I can't get you taken care of :)
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Podficcing has me by the baaaallllls right now, you guys. Don't get me wrong, I love it! It's just, I get fixated on one aspect of creativity and I hang out there for a while. I've joined at least one podficcing challenge in my frenzy to record ALL the fics. I'm learning so much! I love the learning as much as I love the doing :) You guys should try it, at least once. However, I do understand that a lot of people don't care for podfic, and that's ok, too.

Are there any of you who would offer me permission to rifle through your fics, and try to record one if it calls to me? That is, if you don't already offer blanket permission. But you could point that out if you want to, as well :) You guys know there are certain pairings and things I like, but I'm also interesting in trying new things. So anybody can leave me a comment, even if it just says "ok", and I may rummage through your bits and pieces ;D

Aaaand, if you want to make your fic available to anyone who wants to record it, you can go to this Blanket Permission List post at [ profile] cakehole_club and leave a comment. That way you might one day be surprised by podfic in your inbox :D Some podficcing challenges are coming up as well, so podficcers will certainly be looking for a variety of material to work with.

I have a couple of podfics I have to edit, then post. (I wish I were actually good at graphic design! lol. I can draw, but when I try to make graphics, they're just kind of bleh.) Podficcing is just as, if not more, time consuming as art is, especially anything over ~2000 words. But it's really gratifying, because I eased into fandom by listening to podfic, and I listened to SO MUCH of it, and it makes me so happy to think that others are listening to my recordings, too :)

So yeah, if you like de podfics, there will be more. And if you don't care for them, or both, I'm gonna try to livestream either tomorrow or the next day to flex my drawing muscle so it doesn't atrophy, lol.


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