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Fic title: Sam Winchester's Guide to Blood Magic, or How the Rockies Were Made

Author name: [ profile] badbastion and [ profile] thursdaysisters
Artist name: [ profile] sophiap
Genre: Wincest, horror, action/adventure, mystery
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 45,716
Podfic length: 4:43:00
Warnings: constantly shifting POV, violence, gore, h/c, explicit sometimes rough sex, surreal elements, creepy children, action/adventure, case!fic, horror, liberal use of Cthulhu mythos
Summary: The Apocalypse occurred in 2009 when Sam and Dean accidentally unsealed Lucifer's Cage. Or did it? Dean finds a battered journal recounting events he doesn't remember, Sam finds out that H. P. Lovecraft was a prophet, and this starts them on a path of mystery and mayhem that has them scouring secret government facilities and traveling to Arkham itself to find the answers of this past that never was.

They find the answers, how they averted the Deep Ones' Apocalypse, how they destroyed Cthulhu himself and raised mountain ranges, how they once were together, as they fight robots and monsters and men and their own emerging memories and desires. Sam must fulfill Prophecy and become a Deep God in his own right before they can put things to rest.

Set in (slightly alternate) Season 9 without mention of the MoC, and assuming the Lovecraft episode never existed.

Link to fic: Part 1 On LJ On AO3
Link to art: here
Link to podfic: here

Big huge thanks to [ profile] firesign10 and [ profile] missyjack for being such thorough, thoughtful and insightful betas, and to [ profile] adelheide and [ profile] amberdreams for reading this over. They did a wonderful job, and all remaining mistakes are our own. Also a huge thank you to [ profile] sophiap, who was not only enthusistic and fantastic to work with, but also did not only two beautiful full pieces of art, but gorgeous chapter headers for all 22 (!!) of our chapters. You all made this a really exciting bigbang to work on! :D
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Title: don't stand so close
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-ish, but maybe NSFW
Warnings/Content: non-explicit Weecest (underage - Sam is 14), physical closeness, not-quite-sexual touching
Summary: a commission for [ profile] riyku - a scene from her delicious, gorgeous fic That Book by Nabokov. Dean's measuring Sam's height, like he does on all his birthdays, and Sam gets a little touchy.

Click on the pic for the full-size image :) )
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Title: Pie
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: Wincest (Dean/Sam)
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG-13 for implied incest
Warnings/Content: half-dressed men
Misc: This is lineart. Also included are links to the full-sized file and the psd file, because I'm crossposting to [ profile] spn_colorme (go join! go post! go give me people stuff to color!) for the first time in forever. It's also an illustration from Cherry Pie, a fic I collaborated with [ profile] adelheide on.
Summary: Sam or pie? Sam or Pie?

It's a tough choice. )
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Title: heart in a sling
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R. but still NSFW!
Warnings/Content: non-explicit nudity, brothers sitting in laps, very mild season 10 spoilers, hurt!Sam
Summary: I needed to knock some of the rust off, and I haven't drawn any S10 art, so there we go.

isn't it a precious thing )


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