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but here I go! I could use some cheering up /o\ I've left some love, gonna leave some more later tonight, but let me know if you've got a thread up that I might miss <3

holiday love meme 2013
my thread here
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Title: In This Depression
Author: [ profile] badbastion
Characters: Sam & Dean
Spoilers: S8
Rating: PG
Warnings/Content: depression, angst, reference to canon character death
Misc: ~1300 words. Kind of a coda to 8.19. Posting for Eight Days of Wincest Challenge. This fic is Sam&Dean gen.
Summary: I started writing this after “Goodbye Stranger,” and just finished it. Season 8 was Season 8, with all its flaws and grace notes, but I always wished they’d explore Dean’s depression, and they never really dealt with it. So I did, for just a little while.

And I've always been strong, but I've never felt so weak
And all my prayers have gone for nothing
I've been without love, but never forsaken
Now the morning sun, the morning sun is breaking

--Bruce Springsteen, This Depression

I've had my faith shaken )
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I may or may not be biting off more than I can chew! I've already signed up for the [ profile] wincest_bigbang (here) and the [ profile] sastiel_bigbang (here) and I'm considering the samdean_otp minibang and maybe a reversebang or rarepair thing if that pops up too. @_@ This fandom is nuts, lol. Aaaand if some Hannibal thing pops up, I don't know if I'll be able to resist!

Tues May 21:    [ profile] samdean_otp minibang signups open! (MAYBE)

Sat Jun 1:         [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang art rough drafts due (submitted \o/)
Wed Jun 5:        my bday! maybe livestream~~~

Wed Jul 31:       [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang posting date

Sat Aug 31:       [ profile] sastiel_bigbang summaries posted

Wed Sep 4:        [ profile] samdean_otp minibang summaries posted
                         [ profile] wincest_bigbang summaries posted
Thurs Sep 5:       [ profile] samdean_otp minibang artist claims
                         [ profile] wincest_bigbang artist claims
Sat Sep 7:          [ profile] sastiel_bigbang artist claims

Tues Oct 1:         [ profile] wincest_bigbang art roughs due
Sat Oct 5:           [ profile] sastiel_bigbang artist check-ins
                          [ profile] wincest_bigbang posting begins
Mon Oct 14:        [ profile] samdean_otp minibang mandatory check-in
Mon Oct 21:        [ profile] samdean_otp minibang posting begins

Sat Nov 23          [ profile] sastiel_bigbang final confirmation

Sun Dec 1          [ profile] sastiel_bigbang posting begins

There are also lots of prompt memes hanging around. I think I've pimped most of them, except for this one:

(A Very) Sastiel & Mishalecki Fic/Art Meme!

Can't wait for December? Want more Sassy but not looking to commit to a Big Bang? If so, get your gears on and join in the fun in this Sastiel and Mishalecki fic/art meme!

*phew* That's a lotta art! Maybe one day I should try to fic on a minibang or something, haha. NOT TODAY! I hope I'll get to work with some of you :D
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I am super super lucky, because [ profile] fantamae recorded my very first SPN fic And you would be a fool, a fic I wrote with such gleeeee, and have such loving memories of. And she did such an amazing job of it! :o I love it so much :D She makes it so FUN, I just keep listening to it. I'm so excited about this :D

Please go and have a look at her post here
podfic podfic podfic
and give it a listen if you're into that sort of thing. Sam/Dean, cuddle-curse! lol She does wonderful voices for the boys, and just, it's fantastic. I am out of words to use on it, haha. Go listen, and tell her what an incredible job she did! <3
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Title: intimate connections
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Fandom: Hannibal (NBC)
Character(s): Will Graham
Spoilers: light spoilers for Hannibal s01e02
Rating: R
Warnings: body horror, gore (I think.) no blood, just disturbing imagery maybe
Misc: Watercolor! First one in almost a decade, not counting a paint-by-numbers watercolor kit I did about a year ago. 8.5x11 paper, took about all day yesterday haha.
Summary: Haunted by his ability to empathize, Will Graham dreams.

The structure of a fungus mirrors that of a human brain. )
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Title: take care of you
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Characters: Sam&Dean, gen
Spoilers: none. Description is possibly not canon.
Rating: R
Content: blood and injuries, h/c
Summary: After a run-in with a particular nasty monster, Dean patches Sam up
Misc: Nothing like a bit of hurt/comfort to cheer you up. Thanks for chatting with me in the livestream last night, and thank you guys so much for the kind comments on my last post. I will answer you with all the hugs in the world <3

How'd you let yourself get so torn up, huh? )


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