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Title: the middle
Artist: [ profile] badbastion
Pairing: Sam/Castiel/Dean
Spoilers: none
Rating: NC-17. NSFW!
Warnings: graphic double anal penetration (Castiel)
Misc: this has been languishing in my wips for months. finally i colored it! I lost a layer when I saved it (it would have been the shiny layer) so pretend they're sweaty and lubey, ok?
Summary: Castiel coveted little, but the middle spot between Dean and Sam was one he wanted dearly. Sometimes he felt comfortably safe and warm, sometimes he gloried in the sensuality and pleasure of both of them touching him, and sometimes, sometimes, he was split so wide

he couldn't speak. )
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Podficcing has me by the baaaallllls right now, you guys. Don't get me wrong, I love it! It's just, I get fixated on one aspect of creativity and I hang out there for a while. I've joined at least one podficcing challenge in my frenzy to record ALL the fics. I'm learning so much! I love the learning as much as I love the doing :) You guys should try it, at least once. However, I do understand that a lot of people don't care for podfic, and that's ok, too.

Are there any of you who would offer me permission to rifle through your fics, and try to record one if it calls to me? That is, if you don't already offer blanket permission. But you could point that out if you want to, as well :) You guys know there are certain pairings and things I like, but I'm also interesting in trying new things. So anybody can leave me a comment, even if it just says "ok", and I may rummage through your bits and pieces ;D

Aaaand, if you want to make your fic available to anyone who wants to record it, you can go to this Blanket Permission List post at [ profile] cakehole_club and leave a comment. That way you might one day be surprised by podfic in your inbox :D Some podficcing challenges are coming up as well, so podficcers will certainly be looking for a variety of material to work with.

I have a couple of podfics I have to edit, then post. (I wish I were actually good at graphic design! lol. I can draw, but when I try to make graphics, they're just kind of bleh.) Podficcing is just as, if not more, time consuming as art is, especially anything over ~2000 words. But it's really gratifying, because I eased into fandom by listening to podfic, and I listened to SO MUCH of it, and it makes me so happy to think that others are listening to my recordings, too :)

So yeah, if you like de podfics, there will be more. And if you don't care for them, or both, I'm gonna try to livestream either tomorrow or the next day to flex my drawing muscle so it doesn't atrophy, lol.


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